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Dec 10, 2023

How we made $7500+/mo selling websites and you can do the same

When we started our journey in May, 2023, we were never interested to get to service based business. 

But, after a few months, we had a theory of selling website design services.

Though service based business is not our main priority, but we wanted to test the theory and see if we really can sell websites.

We made around $16000 in last two months, by selling websites. 

So this theory actually works! 

Since this method is now proven, we thought we should share this with our readers and show the step by step process so that you can do this too.

We chose Local Businesses for this experiment.

But, you can implement this system to land clients on any industry you want.

So, let’s not wait anymore and jump into the article.

Note: I am not saying it is very easy, or you can make money overnight. You need to have lots of patience when you start. But if you can understand how this process works, you’ll definitely make money if you work hard. 

Find A Niche

Before you start selling website, you need to find a niche/topic first.

Why is it important?

Because, we will try to find out those certain type of customers and we will create personalised message for them so that they convert fast.

You can go to websites like Yelp or Yellow Pages and then if you explore the category pages, you will get lots of niche idea from there.

Let’s say your topic is “Roofing Service”.

Choose A Website Builder

After choosing the niche, you need to select a website building platform which you will use for making websites fast. 

We would recommend to use Framer. Because, it is super easy to design and launch website inside Framer than any other platform out there. 

Plus, there are lots of pre-made Framer templates, so you won’t need to design or build it from scratch.

Select A Template

Now that you have choose a niche and website building tool, it is time to select a template

Remember, our goal is to make money fast. We won’t charge these clients tons of  money, we would rather charge them a fair price so that we can land as many clients as possible.

And, that’s why you cannot expend lots of time for custom designed website or cannot hire extra people for this.

That’s the reason you need to choose one or multiple templates.

Since our niche is Roofing Service, we can choose our template, Roofer and Cleaner for this.

Finding Your First Client

We are ready with our resources. Now it is time to find our potential clients.

In most cases, local business owners don’t spend lots of time in Linkedin.

They also don’t check their emails too much since most of their business is operated by phone calls.

Since they run locally, they use social media like Instagram or Facebook more to be connected with their customers.

So, go to Instagram and also join your niche related Facebook groups to find our first client. 

In this example, I will share Instgram process. But, you can do the same with Facebook.

Go to Instagram, open the search screen and start searching with hashtags related to your niche. 

You can use tools like Inflact to generate hashtags related to your topic. 

After you get results on search page, make sure you have choose the Filter: Recent Photos. Because, these people or businesses have higher chance to respond than the old ones.

Start opening the photos, and go to each account who posted those photos. 

What do you need to look?

Look if the business already has a website or not.

If they have a website, is it good or bad?

You will find many businesses who don’t have any website. 

Try to find at least 10-20 businesses every day. 

Take a note of their Instagram profile usernames.

Create A Website Preview Using Client’s Brand

This is an example website preview we made using our Roofer template

Since we have got some businesses who doesn’t have website or doesn’t have a great website, we will try to impress them with a free preview.

Remember, you cannot just spam these people by copy-pasting messages.

No one is going to reply. 

So how do we do this in the correct way?

On Instagram or Facebook, there is a high chance you will find the logos of those business. 

Even if you find any logo, you will at least find a name, that’s guaranteed. 

Now is the time to build a dummy website page for them.

We will only edit the top part of the website’s homepage with their logo, brand color and we will update some text and images based on their info in Instagram. 

At this moment, templates come really handy. 

It would take only 5-10 minutes to make a homepage ready for a specific business.

Start with changing the logo.

Then, update the colors with a few clicks, from your Framer project’s Assset panel.

Update the images by collecting some images from their instagram account so that it feels really personal.

Finally, update the content in some sections. Spcially, their company name, location name etc.

Now, take a screenshot of that screen and save it on your computer for later use. 

Reach Out to Clients

It is time to send these businesses a DM. 

Most of the time, these social channels are controlled by the owner, so your chance to reach the owner is high via DM.

Also, if you have found a business owner from Facebook Group, then it should more easy to reach out to them.

Ok, now let’s write a quick message to them like below:


I have noticed that you don’t have a website for your business yet.

So I have designed one for you. Check below.

[Add Your Image Here]

Let me know if you want to see the rest.”

Below is an example screenshot we have made for better understanding.

Keep it short and simple!

And you need to create these kind of designs and do the DMs at least 10 times every day.

Close The Sale

Since these messages are super personalised and customer will instantly see their logos & images, there is a high chance you will get more replies than regular spammy messages.

When customers show interest, don’t just instantly try to sell.

Rather, try to show some interest in their business to know them more.

This way, they will feel that you care for them rather than selling them something. 

Two things to remember here.

One, they know that you are going to sell them something.

Two, most of them are non-technical people and they don’t know how these websites run or made.

So, always try to add some value that you are planning to add in their business by creating this website.

For example: Tell them that you are going to focus their service and phone numbers in the homepage so that when someone lands on this website from social media or search engine, visitor can easily know about the services and finds a way to call the business owner fast.

These kind of ideas will present yourself as an expert of the industry infront of them.

When they are ready, propose your price. 

Again, these business owners usually don’t want to spend lots of money for the website because they feel that “websites are not too much necessary”. 

That’s the reason you need to add some value first before proposing a price.

Charge More Later

You can start with a little low if you are new to this business. 

Maybe $1500-$2000 for a 5-6 page website.

After that, you can charge them more by adding some extra values like SEO Service, Monthly Website Maintainance etc.

This way you can make more money every month with doing less work.

That's it. If you follow this guideline and reach at least 10-20 potential businesses every day, your next client is not far away!

I hope this article has been helpful for you. Wishing you more clients in coming future!

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Get exclusive 10% discount on your next purchase.

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Get exclusive 10% discount on your next purchase.

We will send the discount code immediately on your inbox.